Internet Marketing For Normal People

It doesn't matter why you've been missing out on web traffic up until now. Maybe you've been working hard to make money for a boss instead of yourself— that’s what I used to do— or maybe the daily spam-fest in your inbox has you chasing automatic, or stealth, or robot traffic methods that don’t even exist … or maybe, like a lot of people who hesitate to get started online, you’re just afraid to take that big leap toward what it is you really want in life.

But look, that’s not important. Not anymore. Because the good news is, tapping into this immediate and permanent flood of profit-proven traffic has never been easier than it is for you right now, and your timing couldn't be better.

Think for a moment about everything you know about making money online: I mean from reading email after email, sales page after sales page, and buying product after product. That’s me right there, knowing it’s possible but still no closer to the money. So while this Frank Kern mini-me is loading models into his Porsche and heading off to the next hotspot, I couldn't make more than $400 a month online, even though I was squeezing the max out of every free traffic tactic ever sold: writing articles, blogging, SEO, you name it.

But look, it’s not easy to picture those four-figure days when you haven’t even broken triple digits yet. In fact, if you told me it ‘d be possible— heck, even a daily routine— to see numbers like these in my ClickBank account in just hours, using just one simple traffic source, I would have cut you off and called you a cab. But that is reality for me today. I’m not just telling you this to brag or kick off into some guru-bling, hip-hop video where I show you my mansion and my yacht. Sometimes you just really need proof that this is all 100 % real, and once you’ve seen it, everything changes for you.

So trust me, all the crazy proof you saw up, and you’ve got even the slightest feeling in your gut that you just have to do something right now to make a change, then finally, you are in the right place at the right time, and this is the right system to get you there.

There is no time to listen to the traffic experts, no time to charge some hyped-up traffic software on my credit card and fantasize about making it. This traffic had to happen now— and did I mention cheap? Time-sucking slow methods like articles, SEO, social media? Not going to cut it.

Even though every self-appointed traffic expert in sight was talking about Facebook, or Google, or some other sketchy-sounding free traffic loophole, nobody— and I mean nobody— was talking about how to tap into a permanent traffic source so massive, so limitless, and so fast that the people in the know are calling it “The Super Stream”. The kind of guaranteed, slap-proof traffic that took me from $300 a month, to over $800 a week in just two weeks flat, and that’s before I even knew what I was doing. And what’s the good news? The lights were definitely staying on, day job free.

So by now you might be wondering, just what the hell is this traffic source? Well don’t worry, it’s got nothing to do with any of the usual rehashed sources that end up being more frustrating than your day job, like article marketing, making videos, blogging, email, or social media. Once you dial in this simple tweak that turns this traffic source into an unstoppable jet stream of traffic; once you start seeing the commissions stacking up in your accounts, and the wire transfers, and the checks coming in, you’ll never look back at the day job world again.

Get rid of all the doubts.

Now brace for a shocker, because here’s where you see exactly how this traffic works. I know, I know, this is where you usually get a big story that distracts you from ever finding out what the software actually does, right?

Well now it’s time to break the ultimate guru traffic taboo and show you exactly why, right now, you can forget fake push-button traffic forever, because now everything that frustrates you about traffic is reversed in your favor, and suddenly it’s almost like you’ve got the search engines by the balls.

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Author of Internet Marketing For Normal People

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Tom Kucharski

Tom Kucharski

Author of Internet Marketing For Normal People

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