Is CBD the magic molecule in the cannabis or just a passing puff of smoke? There is certainly a significant trend in the marijuana market towards CBD products. But it is also widespread to hear that some users spend a good amount of money on, for example, a high-quality CBD oil hoping for immediate therapeutic results … but after a few hours, well, they don’t really “feel” anything. How can we effectively maximize the effects of this cannabinoid in our human body?

It is a simplistic approach to think that CBD is the sole protagonist of the medicinal benefits of…

15 photo ideas for Instagram

Instagram users have uploaded over 40 billion photos. Imagine that, 40 billion images all lovingly created and refined before they are shared with the world. It’s tricky sometimes to capture an image that will stand out from such a big crowd or find a photo idea that will wow your friends. Look no further, we at Parrot Print Canvas love creative images and we have 15 great Instagram photo ideas for you.

1. Pretend to be a bug

One sure fire way to keep audience interest in your Instagram images is to shoot your photos from an unusual…

You probably associate Easter with hunting for eggs rather than jobs but Easter is the perfect time to be tracking down your new career; with two bank holidays back-to-back it gives you a bit more time to plan your next (or first) career move.

Here at Just Norfolk Jobs we cover over 30 industry sectors and can help you with anything from Part Time, Contract/ Temporary work to Permanent positions.

Did you know that April and May are the best times of the year to be looking for jobs? Summer is always a very busy period for most companies which…

How To Get Started

It doesn't matter why you've been missing out on web traffic up until now. Maybe you've been working hard to make money for a boss instead of yourself— that’s what I used to do— or maybe the daily spam-fest in your inbox has you chasing automatic, or stealth, or robot traffic methods that don’t even exist … or maybe, like a lot of people who hesitate to get started online, you’re just afraid to take that big leap toward what it is you really want in life.

What makes a good Voodooist in the context of voodoo spells?

To start, some light needs to be shed on two or three things. While we do regularly utilize the word voodooist to depict people of this craft, and they do accept and take several jobs using magic, this term is not totally precise for some situations. The term voodooist allows people to include a considerable amount of their interests under that umbrella and makes it easier for them to describe what they do to others at healing centers, specialist’s, etc., less demanding, however at their core level they are still a Witch or a Wizard. …

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