15 photo ideas for Instagram

Instagram users have uploaded over 40 billion photos. Imagine that, 40 billion images all lovingly created and refined before they are shared with the world. It’s tricky sometimes to capture an image that will stand out from such a big crowd or find a photo idea that will wow your friends. Look no further, we at Parrot Print Canvas love creative images and we have 15 great Instagram photo ideas for you.

1. Pretend to be a bug

One sure fire way to keep audience interest in your Instagram images is to shoot your photos from an unusual angle. Try waterproofing your phone and taking some underwater stream shots or lying in the grass and looking up at something.

2. Follow your feet

Take photos of your feet doing what they do throughout the day and use the Instagram Layout app to build a collage to show how busy they’ve been.

3. He’s behind you

We’re all used to the classic selfie ‘in front of the landmark’ shot with you facing the camera but try adding more movement to your scenery photos by asking a friend to take a picture from behind, of by moving towards the point of interest.

4. Stay focused (or don’t)

Play around with the focus of your shots. Take a picture that focuses on something really close-up and then the same picture but with the focus on the distance. Post these two pictures together for some really good reactions.

5. Near and far

Another one that calls for two shots. This time choose an everyday object, your handbag maybe, take a macro photo of a tiny section of it and then move back and show the whole thing. Guaranteed to make people think.

6. Sophisticated silhouettes

We are usually so careful to make sure that the light is behind us when we take photos but how about breaking the rules and shooting into the light to get some interesting silhouette images?

silhouette images

7. Photograph the photographer

There are lots of ways that you can include yourself in your shot without pointing the camera directly at your face. Try putting something reflective like your sunglasses on the ground and shooting yourself with your camera to your eye. This can work as well for a group or an interesting scene if you line the images up carefully.

8. Be a bit rebellious

Try this one with caution but it can be fun to look for road signs and photograph yourself or friends doing the opposite of what has been suggested. For example, standing next to a 30-speed sign with a badge that says ‘21’ on it or sitting in a line on the double yellows will raise a smile on even the dullest of days.

9. Body replacement

We’re not advocating amputation here but taking photos that appear to replace parts of your body with inanimate objects can be a source of much amusement. Mr Potato Head might be a good place to start.

10. A bit of kleptomania goes a long way

If you are in a place you have photographed before, try to look at it in a new way. ‘Collect’ items of the same type and create a collage, examples would be door knobs, bridges, benches, anything that will set your viewers thinking.

11. Alphabet spaghetti

We are surrounded by the written word. In our books, on our screens and all around us on signs. Pick a short word and find a really creative example of each letter, then post the images together.

12. Half a shot

Choose something distinctive, this could even be yourself, and take a photo with it half out of the shot. Check your background carefully before attempting this one, you need something tidy and not too invasive.

13. Experiment with flat lays

Instagram flat lays are all the rage but it takes practice to get these shots exactly right. The good news is that you will have great fun trying. Often used to show off outfits but also great with things you find in nature.

14. Try mono-colour camouflage

An Instagram image that shows objects of different shades of the same colour can be really effective. Pick a sunny day at the beach and wear some blue or take your green leather handbag into the woods and see if you can disguise it in the trees.

mono-colour camouflage

15. On the hour

Choose three or four-time slots in the day, one hour apart, and photograph your watch, clock or phone showing the time and where you are. Be honest it will make for more interesting photos, we promise.

The photographic world of Instagram is exciting and a great place for experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try things out and test people’s reactions by uploading them. The more you try, the more you’ll want to experiment. If you end up with a great idea of how to photograph yourself or your family, or get a fabulous scenery shot, you might want to have the results printed on canvas as gifts. We offer unrivalled quality at unbeatable prices.


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